Listening With Purpose:

Training and Supervision Opportunities

Drs. Danielian and Gianotti are available through online video conferencing for individual and group consultation, ongoing supervision, and professional discourse on the concepts covered in the manual.

Copyright (C) 2013 Jack Danielian and Patricia Gianotti

All rights reserved.

Possible Consultation Topics:

  1. Application of the Four Quadrant Model in Individual Short and Long-Term Therapies

  2. Case Illustrations Using Part-Whole Analysis

  3. Developing Intersubjective Inquiry: Using Patient Language as an Entry Point into
    Deeper Dialogue

  4. Listening Techniques that Anticipate and Bring Transferential Material to the Surface

Supervision Opportunities:

  1. Individual in-person, telephone, or videoconference sessions

  2. Small Group ongoing case presentations

Drs. Danielian and Gianotti are also available to present material from Listening With Purpose in the following academic and professional arenas:

  1. Graduate Programs

  2. State CEU Certification Programs

  3. Psychoanalytic Training Institutes

  4. Grand Rounds

  5. Psychiatric Residency Programs